If you are in immediate danger,

Chat is available from 12:00pm to 8:00pm

Live Chat

This is the safest way to talk to us. You’ll need a device with wifi or an internet connection to use the chat service. Enter a name you are comfortable using and click the start chat button if you need us. You'll be connected to a trained, female IWAV representative. You can end the conversation at any time. The chat is encrypted. Once it’s done, your chat history will be erased daily.

You Should Know...

IWAV Chat is designed to keep you safe. However, nothing is 100% secure. When you chat online with us please make sure you’re using a device or computer that’s safe. Some tips to stay safe online:

  • Use private browsing / incognito mode when using our chat function
  • Use a password on your phone or device
  • Clear your browser history after your chat
  • Delete your text history after texting us
  • Don’t take screenshots
  • If you think someone else could have installed spyware onto the device you’re using, you may not want to use this service.